Letter from Our Director

At the Obermann Center, we’re in the privileged position of seeing projects through stages from the earliest ambitions to exploratory conversations to what I have come to see as “snapshot” moments—an initial presentation at the Obermann Fellows biweekly seminar, a reimagined syllabus, that first grant application, a sudden meeting of minds at a campus-community conversation, the eureka moment when collaborators connect, the instant students in our graduate institute recognize kindred spirits.

Working Groups

Obermann Working Groups provide a shared space for interdisciplinary exploration—an intellectual repast—and a chance to create new intellectual partnerships.

Obermann Conversations

Obermann Conversations seek to bring Obermann scholars into informal dialogue with both a public partner and an interdisciplinary audience.

Laura Spelman Rockefeller Grants

The mission of the DeLTA Center is to discover and communicate the organizing principles of learning and development that are essential for overcoming grand challenges in health and education.

National Partnerships

The Obermann Center works closely with a number of national organizations to support research on campus while also advocating for the importance of research out in the world.