We hope you’ll support Obermann because…

Because you had a book to finish, and an office at the Obermann Center was here. The daily sanctuary of a private office, away from the noise of a home department, enhances a leave and creatively fuels writing projects.

Because you have connected with colleagues outside of your discipline through Obermann, making your work and your university life richer. Projects and thinking expand at meetings in our library; from the biweekly Fellows-in-Residence seminar to our Working Groups, scholars make new friendships and gain vital collegial input.

Because you believe in the power of young scholars to push boundaries and contribute to our civic fabric. Through the Obermann Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy, we ground University of Iowa graduate students from all disciplines in publicly engaged research and teaching. We continue to mentor alumni from this program as they plan symposia, workshops, and exhibits.

Because our events provide a unique opportunity for UI scholars and artists to connect with the community. This year, we sponsored a standing-room-only presentation about aging in place; an astounding music performance that combined jazz, spoken word, and the history of an unlikely hero; a series about the future of public higher education that included a documentary film screening at the Englert and a specialist on student loan debt; and a project with statewide reach that examined the significance of Iowa’s German roots.

Because you know that great universities need spaces that are both neutral and enriching, beyond departmental obligations, and dedicated to intellectual process as much as product. Time and time again, we hear from participants in our programs that the Obermann Center provided them a necessary space in which to think and connect.

Please consider giving to Obermann. You can make a monthly paycheck deduction, give in memory of a fellow scholar, or make arrangements for deferred giving. 


2016–17 Donors to the Obermann Center

Thank you to the following faculty, staff, emeritus faculty, and community friends who have recognized the value of the Obermann Center’s work and our unique role at the University of Iowa. Your gifts make our work not only possible but more creative and further-reaching.

  • Elizabeth M. Altmaier
  • Michael J. Altmaier
  • The American Association of University Professors, University of Iowa Chapter
  • Jonathan G. Andelson
  • Kurt M. Anstreicher
  • David Asa
  • Susan J. Birrell
  • Kenneth G. Brown
  • Joseph A. Buckwalter IV
  • Kathleen C. Buckwalter
  • Jonathan C. Carlson
  • Susan A. Carlson
  • David J. Cohen
  • Mary L. Cohen
  • Matthew A. Cohen
  • Carolyn A. Colvin
  • Corey Creekmur
  • David R. Cunning
  • Anny D. Curtius
  • Marcella David
  • Virginia R. Dominguez
  • M. Patricia Donahue
  • Rita Felski
  • Naomi Greyser
  • David L. Gould
  • Renee M. Gould
  • John E. Grant
  • Mary Lynn Grant
  • Carolyn Copps Hartley
  • John P. Hartley
  • Lyell D. Henry, Jr.
  • Gretchen B. Holt
  • Juan P. Hourcade
  • Amy L. Kristof-Brown
  • Johna Leddy
  • Irwin P. Levin
  • Patricia G. Levin
  • Jeffrey D. Liebermann
  • Tracy A. Liebermann
  • David F. Lohman
  • Sheryl C. Lohman
  • James F. Longstaff
  • Patricia Hirl Longstaff
  • Peter J. Manning
  • Betty Bang Mather
  • Karla K. McGregor
  • Allan D. Megill
  • Anna Mary Mueller
  • Edith A. Parker
  • Corinne Peek-Asa
  • Charles M. Peters
  • Mary Ann Peters
  • Silvia Quezada
  • Ann M. Ricketts
  • David C. Ricketts
  • Patricia A. Riezman
  • Raymond G. Riezman
  • John N. Rosazza
  • Trudi S. Rosazza
  • Hutha R. Sayre
  • Susan E. Scheckel
  • Susan M. Shullaw
  • Karin M. Stein
  • Cameron Thies
  • Jane van Voorhis

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