Checklist for Digital Bridges Projects

 We have completed our funding of these projects in the Digital Bridges grant. This page is still available for informational purposes, but we are no longer seeking applications for these partnerships.

This checklist will help you organize your project, from the conceptual phase to launch. While Digital Bridges may not be able to fund all projects, completing this checklist will improve the project’s chances to receive funding because it will help organize and present the project. For more on the phases, please consult the Digital Bridges Project Plan document.

**Please note: Digital Bridges staff will consult with you at any phase of this process, including writing the narrative, the timeline, and the budget.  We actively seek projects to fund and will help you write successful applications.

Conceptual Phase

◻ Meet with a Digital Bridges PI and Project Manager to discuss the project and application process

◻ Write a project narrative that concisely describes three things for an educated, non-specialist audience:

  1. What (as specifically as possible) the project will produce
  2. The specific pedagogical or intellectual value of the project
  3. The specific nature of the collaboration with Grinnell College

◻ Design a timeline for completion and establish clear accomplishable goals for the project

◻ Create a budget dedicated to the project as a whole (not to be split between faculty for individual projects)

Award Phase (if offered)

◻ Meet regularly with technical collaborators (perhaps the Studio but may be others) to implement the project

◻ Meet regularly with PI and Project Manager to assess project progress according to the budget and timeline

◻ Periodically reevaluate the project both during the work process and at the end

Launch Phase

◻ Meet with PI, Project Manager, and technical collaborators to plan launch, including determining hosting if necessary

◻ Write a brief report (one-two pages) outlining the project, describing the collaboration with Grinnell, and detailing specifically how Digital Bridges funding enabled completion of the project

◻ Consult with Digital Bridges PI’s about future development and funding

◻ Attend Digital Bridges Summer Institute to give a report on the post-award status of the project