Postdoctoral Positions

University of Iowa Postdoctoral Fellowships

As part of the Digital Bridges grant, the University of Iowa has hired two postdoctoral scholars who will ultimately be seeking careers as teacher-scholars in the digital liberal arts and/or seeking an academic administrative position in libraries, museums, and other academic and public humanities contexts. The two-year Postdoctoral Scholars position are full-time, twelve-month salaried appointments.

The Postdoctoral Scholars are Fellows at the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies and teach courses based on their research and teaching interests that enrich our graduate Public Digital Humanities Certificate. The Scholars work with faculty and staff, learning to organize and administer collaborative projects effectively. This combination of digital liberal arts pedagogy and administrative skills will prepare our Postdoctoral Scholars for new hybrid scholar-teacher-manager careers taking shape at colleges and universities around the country.

The purpose of the grant is to develop humanities-centered collaborations in the digital liberal arts that build on the complementary strengths of a liberal arts college and a research university. We seek to weave the digital humanities more deeply and thoughtfully into the curriculum at both institutions while also building cross-institutional bridges to connect Grinnell College and the University of Iowa intellectually and pedagogically. Our shared mission is to create knowledge with our students, learn what forms of collaboration best serve the humanities, and to share that knowledge, along with emerging scholarly digital projects and digitally energized pedagogy, with colleagues across the country.

Grinnell Postdoctoral Fellowship

Grinnell has hired one UI graduate as two-year postdoctoral fellow using the endowment established by Grinnell and the Mellon Foundation in 2006. The first Grinnell Postdoctoral Fellow joined the Grinnell faculty in fall 2016.

This fellow works with Grinnell faculty mentors to collaboratively teach courses or course modules involving the digital liberal arts and also work on their own research projects. In addition to the experience of teaching in a liberal arts college classroom, the fellow benefits from the opportunity to collaborate with the key organizations administering this grant (e.g., by running workshops on digital technologies through the Grinnell Digital Liberal Arts Collaborative) and, like the UI postdocs, will be prepared for future positions that include—but go beyond—traditional faculty appointments.