Pedagogy Grants


We have completed our funding of these projects in the Digital Bridges grant. This page is still available for informational purposes, but we are no longer seeking applications for these partnerships.


Digital Bridges Pedagogy Grants are designed to help faculty develop or implement new liberal arts courses or course modules that familiarize undergraduate students with digital methods of inquiry and exploration. Faculty members may use these grants to work together at any time during the year. The awards include one course release for one tenure track faculty partner at each institution that must be negotiated with each individual’s department chair. The award also provides up to $12,000 per group for consultants and technical support. (Note: faculty who plan to collaborate during the summer might instead consider applying for a Digital Bridges Summer Collaborative Grant.)

Outcomes: We encourage applicants to think creatively about ways to collaborate as they experiment with new digitally enhanced approaches to teaching and learning. For example, a UI faculty member might use a digital archive created by a Grinnell faculty member as a critical component in her course. Faculty members at the two institutions might have their students work in virtual teams, creating a shared digital project. Two faculty members might develop pedagogical strategies for using the same technology, each in their own classes. Of course, we would be delighted to see faculty members experiment with co-taught courses across Grinnell and UI. We will give special priority for courses in which undergraduates engage in collaborative research with faculty, staff, and other students.

Digital Bridges Pedagogy Grants

To Apply

Who can apply?

Pairs of tenured or tenure track faculty members, one from Grinnell College and one from the University of Iowa.

How do I apply?

We understand that you may be at the beginning of a project and unable to answer all of our questions below. Therefore, to the best of your ability at this point in your planning, please include the following information in your application. We encourage you to use these headings (the major categories) in your document. Please create a single PDF and submit it to our email address: In the subject line please include the project you’re applying for and the last name of the two faculty members. For example, Pedagogy Grant App for Elmborg Mangum. We will confirm that we have received your application.

DUE DATE: Tuesday, March 7th by 5pm


Joyce Tsai (Art Education & UI Museum of Art, UI)  and Jenny Anger (Art, Grinnell)

Museums Without Walls: Museums, Art Education, and Community Engagement in the Digital Age (undergraduate courses creating 3D visualizations of historic art exhibitions)